The Monument

The Monument to the Great Fire of London is reached by climbing 311 steps. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the attraction, it is not suitable for people with mobility difficulties or people that use a wheelchair.

As a historic building, we are limited in our access capabilities. However we continue to look at different ways to make The Monument accessible for all.

Website Accessibility

We've endeavoured to make The Monument's website as accessible as possible for all our users by using valid HTML, valid CSS and testing it using W3C’s testing tools and manually testing by our web developers.

If you notice any accessibility issues with this website or you would like to suggest how we can improve the accessibility then we'd like to hear from you. Please send us your comments by emailing to

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To aid visitors to our website, we offer an accessibility tool on the right-hand side of main website. Please note, this functionality is not currently available for the ticket purchasing process or our online retail shop.

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The Monument's website is written in English. 

The entirety of the website can be translated using Google Translate.

The main website (excluding the ticket purchase process and the online shop) can be translated using this tool, however, as is the case with all machine translation, information translated this way may not always be 100% accurate.

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